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Welcome to Jussformidlingen

Jussformidlingen was founded in 1972. Jussformidlingen is an organisation run by advanced law students at The Faculty of Law, University of Bergen.


The object of Jussformidlingen is tripartite:

  • Offer free legal aid
  • Survey the public need for legal aid
  • Give law students the opportunity to gain practical experience

We are bound to professional secrecy with regards to all information we recieve, both by telephone and during client-meetings.


All of the case-working that takes place at Jussformidlingen is in written form. The letters from Jussformidlingen goes through a quality assurance; all letters are approved by an internal commission at Jussformidlingen.


In which areas of law do we provide aid?

Jussformidlingen offer aid within almost all legal-matters related to civil-law. We do not assist with criminal-law. If you have questions regarding criminal-law, we advise you to contact an attorney.

We have also chosen not to assist in cases regarding tax-planning, or "odelsrett" (a special redemption right given by operation of law to a person and his decendants when that person has owned agricultural or forrested land of a certain size for 20 years).


Jussformidlingen only provide legal aid to private citizens.

If you are in doubt whether Jussformidlingen can assist you with your case, you are welcome to contact us.

How far do we pursue a case?

Most often, it is in the clients best interest that their case comes to a solution without having to go through a lengthy process. Jussformidlingen seek to reach a settlement with the opposing party. This is less time-consuming, and in many cases more cost-efficient for the client.

However, there will always be cases that can not be settled without a court-decision. In such cases, Jussformidlingen can assist the client by acting on their behalf, and represent them in front of the Conciliation Board (Forliksrådet) if necessary. Jussformidlingen can present the case from a legal point of view, something which an individual may find hard to do themselves.

Jussformidlingen also assist with cases against public institutions. Our caseworkers can assist with such cases at all stages of the process, including øverste ankeinstans i forvaltningssystemet.


If it is neceassry to present the case before the courts, the case will have to be transferred to an attorney. Jussformidling will assist with the transfer.

Who can recieve aid from Jussformidlingen?

As a starting pont, all private citizens are elligable to recieve aid form Jussformidlingen. We have noe restrictions with regards to personal income or wealth.

As we are based in Bergen, we primarily assist clients residing in Western-Norway. However, Jussformidlingen offers legal-aid regardless of where the client resides. If you are not able to come to our office, correspondence is carried out primarliy by letters, e-mail and telephone-communication.


If we are asked to represent both parties in a conflict, we will reject the last party who contacted us. Furthermore, it may occur that we reject cases due to other conflicts of interest.

Legal aid from Jussformidlingen is free of charge!

Jussformidlingen’s services are free of charge for you as a client. The only expences you may have to pay, are any travel expences or similar costs that your caseworker may encounter when aiding your case.


By aiding all private citizens, we gain an insight into all types of legal-issues. This gives us a broad knowlegde within many areas of Norwegian law, which ables us to identify relevant legal.problems and solutions.


Please note: Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to answer questions regarding
legal-matters sent to us by e-mail or letters. If you want us to aid you, you have to contact us by telephone, or visit our reception.